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Family founders
Gerard Werson and Anna Maria Mordant are the forebears of almost all Werson's, ever lived in the Netherlands. On October 8th 1790 Gerard is registered as new Citizen of the city of Utrecht "Gerrit Werson, born in Liège county, Roman Catholic, plasterer." Much of his male descendants entered the same profession.
Origin and spreading
The origin of the Werson family is Liège in Belgium. Most of the descendants of forefather Gerard Werson settled themselves in cities like Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

On the map every red pixel indicates a birthplace of a dutch Werson descendant. Not only birthplaces of descendants from male Werson's are on the map, but also from female Werson's.

All descendants are also mentioned in the descendants overview. Belgian Werson's are not included -yet-.
  Going further back in time...
In the Statearchives of Liège, in the christening and marriage records of Ans, nowadays a suburb of Liège, and in the churchrecords of the city of Liège itself, from the 18th century and earlier, names of tenths of Werson's are found. Also two Gerard Werson's are found. There is a similiarity between the data of our Werson forebear and one of those two Gerard Werson's. More proof has to be found to be sure.
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