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Family founders
Gerrit ten Altena and Fenneken Laakmorsch (Publication of the Banns: 27-9-1674 in Haaksbergen, churchmarriage 23-10-1674 in Delden) are the founders of the Saat Noordijk and Zaadnoordijk families. The divison between Saat Noordijk and Zaadnoordijk took place some generations later (see elsewhere on this website.) Before marrying Gerrit, Fenneken was married to Roelof Bouwmeester, who adopted the farmname Saatnoordijck as his surname, when he moved in in that farm. As it was habit those days, Gerrit Altena changed his name to Saatnoordijck as well, when he moved in in the Saatnoordijck farm after his marriage with Fenneken.
Origin and spreading
The Saat Noordijk / Zaadnoordijk familie is originating from Haaksbergen in the east of the Netherlands, near the german border. The origin of the name is probably from the Havezathe Nordwick (the old farm Nordwick,owned by the bishop of Utrecht) and was later changed into all the variances we know today. In old marriagerecords and birthrecords there are other variances of the name like Zaadnoort, Satenaardick, and te Satenaa.
Every red pixel on the map of the Netherlands here on the right, indicates a birt place of a Saat Noordijk or Zaadnoordijk descendant. Not only male but also female descendants are shown
Not on the map: descendants born in Germany, or in the USA. Also not on the map, adoption children from Ethiopia and Korea. Every descendant is mentioned in the decendants overview.
The founders of the different branches
All people we know today with the surname Saat Noordijk or Zaadnoordijk, are descendants of Jan Zaadnoordijk and Geesken Langezaaal. Jan and Geesken are married on october 17th 1739 in Eibergen.

Their eldest son, Hendrik, has descendants who stayed in the neighbourhood of Haaksbergen. Here -in Neede- we find also the surname Zaadnoort. Many Zaadnoort descendants can be found in the USA

The second son, Jan, has married a women from Vollenhove, a small fishing town at the shores of the former Zuidersea. Descendants of this couple can be found in the north of the province of Overijssel, in Meppel, in Enschede, and in Enkhuizen, at the other side of the Zuidersea. The male descendants of this second son are called Saat Noordijk. The Enkhuizen-branch is again called Zaadnoordijk.

The third child, Roelof,went to the province of Noordholland, and descendants of him can be found in Uitgeest and Alkmaar. They're all called Zaadnoordijk.

The 4th child, a girl called Grietje, has descendants again in Haaksbergen, Neede and Borculo.

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The last Saat Noordijk's
There are almost no people left with the surname Saat Noordijk. Only four ladies carry as their maiden name Saat Noordijk. So the Saat Noordijk name threatens to become extinct...

Map of the "Marke Haaksbergen und Hones".

The Zaadnoordijk farm (nr 9. on the map) is also called Donderman. Years ago it was broken down. Since then the grounds are in use by the County of Haaksbergen.
(The map, the data concerning the farm, are all from the book "History of Haaksbergen", Part II, 1977, published by the Historical Society Haaksbergen, printed by: Dinkeldruk bv Oldenzaal. )

According to the in 1985 published book 'Het Verpondingsregister van Twente 1601', by the History Chamber Twente, the farm was probably called Lensskers or Lensskers erve in the 1600's.

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