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Family founders
The Hoeksema's descent from Klaas Sierts and Jacobje Jacobs, who gave birth between 1745 and 1760 in Zeerijp to six children.
Origin and spreading
There is more than one family Hoeksema. The Hoeksema family described on this page is originating from Zeerijp. Most of its decendants stayed in places nearby: in Loppersum and 't Zandt and in the city of Groningen. A small number of Hoeksema's moved to places elsewhere.

Every red pixel on the left map indicates a birth place of a Hoeksema descendant. Not only descendants from male Hoeksema's are shown, but also from female Hoeksema's.

All descendants are mentioned in the descendants overview.

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Zeerijp, with Jacobuschurch, anno 2003 View on Zeerijp, from the direction of Loppersum, with the Jacobuschurch, dating back from 1350. In this church the first Hoeksema was baptised on Februari 21st 1745.

The baptises and marriages that took place in this church, and the obituaries in Zeerijp are recorded in the churchbooks of Zeerijp.

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